Global Leaders for Innovation and Knowledge Program Overview

Global Leaders for Innovation and Knowledge: A program for developing your unique plan for innovation over three and a half months of study in four countries

※*The program is based on the vision of Dr. Ikujiro Nonaka, professor of Emeritus, Hitotsubashi University, who is the global authority in knowledge creation theory

Creating Innovation: Plan: The Core of the Program

Over a period of three and a half months, each participant will develop their own unique plan for innovation. It serves as the central pillar of the program.
Participants begin the project by considering which social issues they would like to address with the ultimate goal of creating a better world. Discussions with advisors and instructors, first-hand experiences of the real issues facing local communities in four countries, and dialogue with fellow participants will be among the participants have as they refine their plans. As the culmination of their work, the participants will complete the program by presenting their plans for innovation.
However, the presentation of this plan is not the finish line; it is only the beginning. After completing the program, each participant will take actions in accordance with their plan, with the goal of contributing to the creation of a better world.
This program is for people who have a strong desire to create and implement solutions to the challenges facing the world.

Advantages of Participating in the Global Leaders for Innovation and Knowledge program

Focus on Solving Social Issues

Participants focus on solving issues that face their communities. The societal benefit (the common good) will be the basis for determining the value offered by a solution, and will be the basis for every solution, as participants strive to become innovation leaders who endeavor to create value that benefits entire communities.

Create a Plan for Innovation

This program provides an opportunity not only to study social issues, but also to develop a feasible plan for innovation that can be realistically implement upon completion of the program.

Master Essential Skills (Theoretical, Academic, and Practical) for Self-sustainability

Program participants will have the opportunity to gain a well-rounded academic grounding that will include management theory and liberal arts subjects, such as philosophy, as well as the ability to put their vision into practice, with the aim of implementing their plan for innovation in the form of a sustainable business venture.

Interact with People from a Diverse Range of Backgrounds

Participants will have the opportunity to have in-depth discussions with people including their instructors and fellow participants, as well as local residents. These people will come from a wide range of backgrounds, from the business world to government agencies and NPOs. Fueled by questions and assertions that originate from a diverse range of perspectives, these inspiring discussions lead to the generation of ideas and plans that could never be created by individuals in isolation.

Travel to Four Countries and Experience Local Communities

Over the course of three and a half months, program participants will travel as a team to four countries, where they will learn first-hand about the local value systems and ways of thinking through experience and by hearing the thoughts of local residents. By stepping beyond the borders of their own countries and gaining on-the-ground experience with social issues and economic activity on a global scale, participants will develop a broader perspective and a more sophisticated way of thinking about and experiencing the world.

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