Our Vision

Developing “innovation leaders”
who provide new value to the society

Our Image of Innovation Leaders

The existing business schools or management theory were only discussed about the methods for the economic success. It is only in recent years people started to pay attention to the terms like “social entrepreneur” and “social business”. For over 45 years, the core value of our activity is to seek common value to the society, not pursuing self-serving success. We focus on developing innovation leaders in recent years.

The innovation leaders who Fujitsu-JAIMS nurtures have two abilities to “create a value for the society” or viewpoint of COMMON GOOD and “make the value last” by making the business of value creation sustainable. By developing such leaders, we would like to contribute to realize a better future

Two Pillars: The Global Leaders for Innovation and Knowledge program and Fujitsu-JAIMS Community

The Global Leaders for Innovation and Knowledge program

Global Leaders for Innovation and Knowledge provides the learning opportunity through direct experience. Participants visit four countries to see various actual examples of innovation in three and a half months. Through this program, each participant work on their own project in which formulate a plan for innovation to create new value for the belonging community utilizing the knowledge acquired through the program.

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Fujitsu-JAIMS Community

Fujitsu-JAIMS Community brings together people who share the desire to create an impact greater than any individual could have alone. Our goal for this community is to facilitate collaboration between innovation leaders, and to support every member of the community in their efforts.

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