JAIMS 50 Year Anniversary Event (November 2022)

JAIMS: 50 Years of Progress

JAIMS is an educational institution for professionals established in 1972 based on the vision of Yoshimitsu Kohra, then president of Fujitsu Limited. His aim was to “train international business persons who will become a bridge between Japan and the United States.” On May 1 of the same year, they started their first educational activities in Hawaii, and this year marks their 50 year anniversary.

As part of its international social contribution initiatives, Fujitsu has continued to fully support these activities, producing 3,383 graduates from 49 countries around the world.

Graduates around the world with a wide range of knowledge become loosely connected through their participation in JAIMS. We consider that this connection creates a community to foster cooperation and co-creation on a global scale.

Currently, we are refocusing our efforts on Alumni activities. In November this year, we plan to hold events to commemorate our 50 year anniversary in both Japan and Hawaii.

We regard this anniversary as an opportunity to rebuild relationships with graduates and those who support and cooperate with our program. Our aim is to strengthen and expand the circle of community throughout JAIMS.

For more information, please visit the special 50-year anniversary event website below.

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