Fujitsu-JAIMS Community

A community that transcends differences such as nationality, ethnicity, and religion, bringing people together to help one another serve their community

Participating in the Community

While the majority of members are people such as instructors and alumni of programs offered by Fujitsu-JAIMS, anyone who shares Fujitsu-JAIMS and its alumni’s desire to create a better world can participate in our community.

Community Activities

(1) Regular Sessions (Fujitsu-JAIMS Community Sessions)

We have hosted get-togethers for community members in several countries, which currently take the form of Fujitsu-JAIMS alumni meetings. In the future, we plan to hold Fujitsu-JAIMS Community Sessions, which will serve as opportunities for alumni and other participants from a wide range of backgrounds to come together to consider how we can create a better future.

Facebook Group-Based Exchanges of Information

With our community members living around the world, we have launched a Facebook group, so that members can take full advantage of the Fujitsu-JAIMS network.
Our goal for this group is to create a place in which all of our members can freely share information and meet fellow professionals who are working toward the same objectives.

Member Profiles

Here you will find profile pages for members of our community. Each featured member’s profile includes information on their capstone project, their skills and thoughts, and the social issues they are working to address.
In informing the wider world about the work our members are doing, we hope to create new connections that will extend beyond the Fujitsu-JAIMS community.
*If you are an alumnus or past participant in a Fujitsu-JAIMS program and wish to either have a new profile page created or have an existing page revised, please contact us via this website’s Contact page.

Community Members

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